Plecos CleanSweep

The fastest, easiest way to clean pool and spa cartridge filters.

Cleaning pool filters is miserable.

Clean filters are critical for maintaining a healthy and clean swimming environment for your pool or spa. Regular cleaning is not only essential for removing dirt and contaminants, but also for keeping the pool filtration system operating at peak efficiency. However, cleaning filters by hand is very time consuming, messy, and labor intensive.

CleanSweep does the work for you.

CleanSweep provides hassle-free cleaning of virtually any pool or spa cartridge filter. In just minutes it removes dirt, debris, and contaminants for more efficient filtration and clearer, cleaner swimming water.

Cleaning made easy.

Relax and eliminate the stress of pool filter cleaning and maintenance.

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Hands-free cleaning of virtually any pool and spa cartridge filter.
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Time counts

Clean cartridge filters in as little as 5 minutes — just a fraction of the time needed with conventional methods.
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Leave no mess behind

Our ingenious design traps dirt and debris and routes it where you want it to go for easy clean up.