About Plecos

OUR Mission

At Plecos, we're making pool and spa maintenance more accessible and less stressful without compromising water safety, cleanliness, and health. We want owners to spend more time enjoying their pools and spas and less time on routine maintenance.


We're an experienced team of problem-solvers, creative thinkers, and overachievers that share a passion for creating innovative products that solve real-world customer problems. As pool owners, we understand how much time, money, and stress goes into pool and spa maintenance. Our flagship product, Plecos CleanSweep™, was created to help owners spend far less time and effort cleaning cartridge filters while achieving superior results compared to traditional cleaning methods.

Product Journey
A child cleaning a pool cartridge filter by hand with a garden hose.
A sketch drawing of an early design idea for the CleanSweep product. An early sketch drawing showing the front of the CleanSweep platform.
An early sketch drawing showing the test fixture used to clean a cartridge filter. An early sketch drawing showing the PowerJet array idea for the CleanSweep product
A CAD drawing showing the side of the CleanSweep platform design. A CAD drawing showing the SpinJet platform and stabilizing pins.
A bucket with filter inside of it soaking in water and solution in preparation for manual cleaning.
An early prototype of the CleanSweep product with a filter inside shortly after performing a test.
The parts for the SpinJet platform displayed on a work bench.
An early CleanSweep prototype displayed next to the final CleanSweep product.


Image of CleanSweep product in front of a residential pool.